Continental glaciation. Ten thousand years ago, it was a thing. By the time the last chunk of glacial ice finally melted at the end of the most recent Ice Age, Wisconsin’s landscape was forever changed. With outwash plains, drumlins, pristine lakes and kames and eskers, those famous moraines. Today, they combine to create more than just the state’s geological beauty (most of it, anyway). They form our very impression of this Midwestern state. Which is all well and good, but it begs the question: What do glaciers have to do with this Gift Guide? Which begs the question: What is this Gift Guide? Glad you asked, dear reader. Every year around the holidays, we publish a Gift Guide, or as it’s become known, our “guide to intentional gifting,” which is a collection of cool products from cool brands we believe in. Brands we think more people ought to know about. Brands that, like Manifesto, espouse an experiential ethos and a shared sense of passion, ambition, and purpose. So, now that you understand exactly what it is you hold in your hands, let’s get back to the original question at hand: What do glaciers have to do with anything? The answer: Absolutely nothing. No, literally—nothing whatsoever.

Let us explain. This year, as our backdrop, we focused our attention on Wisconsin’s Driftless Area—the southwestern part of the state left entirely untouched by the glaciers. Because (and we’re being totally honest here) even though it’s essentially in our own backyard, we knew next to nothing about it. Other than that it offers a glimpse of what Wisconsin looked like before those two massive lobes of ice tore through the terrain. We also knew it would provide a perfect opportunity to get the heck out of the office for a few days and explore. So that’s what we did. We went driftless in the Driftless Area. We packed our Jeep full of essentials, which included the dozen items we’re spotlighting this year—obviously, because products fuel experiences, and we were eager to discover how these would shape ours—and we shoved off on an epic (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration) adventure that would lead us through two states in three days. From city to suburb to the outskirts of society itself, we journeyed hard and learned a lot about our state in the process—and even a little bit about ourselves. Like, for instance, when you confine three opinionated and idiosyncratic coworkers to a Jeep packed to the hilt on a road trip for the sake of an internal project, the road finds a way to get under your skin. (And so do your coworkers.)


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Below, you’ll find a collection of products, carefully curated for our journey through the Driftless Area.  It is our belief that products – the stuff we own, the stuff we carry with us – they help to shape our experiences. These products here were with us for the ride, and each of them in its own way contributed to – and enhanced – our adventure. Our hope is that perhaps this holiday season (and even well beyond), these items, gifted to a loved one, might contribute to their adventures as well. Click below for more information on each product, and be sure to make use of discount codes (when available).







in every journey when you cross the threshold between two worlds. When you move from the safety of certainty—a world both calming and familiar, like a blind man’s palm upon the face of a lover—and into the disquieted realm of the unknown. A world where every turn threatens the possibility of cataclysm. Here be dragons territory. For us, the event horizon was the mostly vacant parking lot of a small, well-lit bar and grill in the quaint town of Viroqua, Wisconsin. A veiled question mark hung like an imposition over the façade, making us wonder whether we were making the right decision, choosing this establishment over any other. But it was getting late. We were running out of options and well beyond hungry. And at the end of the day, hunger always trumps iffy.



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